PolyMax™ PC-FR

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Diameter: 1.75mm
Net Weight: 1kg
Color: Black (HEX Code - ⌗101820)
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PolyMax™ PC-FR, creation from Covestro’s Makrolon® family, could achieve V0 performance in the UL94 flame retardancy test and displays excellent toughness, strength and heat resistance. This filament opens new applications in the automotive, railway and aerospace industries.

Yes, PolyMax™ PC-FR has been tested by SGS-CSTC Standards Technical Services Co., Ldt.

Test Method:
IEC 60695-11-10:2013/Cor.1:2014 Method B

Classification: V-0

Full test report here.

Printing Temperature: 250˚C - 270˚C
Bed Temperature: 90˚C - 105˚C
Chamber Temperature: 90˚C - 100˚C
Printing Speed: 30mm/s - 50mm/s
Fan: OFF

Direct Drive:
Retraction Distance: 1mm
Retraction Speed: 20mm/s
Indirect Drive:
Retraction Distance: 3mm
Retraction Speed: 40mm/s

Drying Settings: 75˚C for 6h
(Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

Annealing Settings: 90˚ for 2h

Yes, the FR additive will make the material less ductile which means a higher tensile strength and Young's modulus (more rigid). However the PC will maintain its great impact and high heat resistance.

More information in the technical data sheet below.

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