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All models printed by MajorGamerGeek (Printables, Tiktok)
All models pictures by DstrbdMedic (Website)

Blue Starter Pack Model: Butterfly
Red Starter Pack Model: Parrot
Green Starter Pack Model: Iguana
Color Pack Model: Abstract
Standard Pack Model: Chibbi Scientist
Professional Pack Model: Another Dimension
Fire Color Set Model: Fire Dragon
Water Color Set Model: Ice Dragon
Nature Color Set Model: Stone Carving
Photo Color Set Model: Vintage Photo

Filament Painting is a technique to 3D print high detail images. It consists of printing a series of thin layers (generally 0.08mm layer height) of different colors. The core principles of Filament Painting is to create different shade/hue by blending the colors of different thin layers.
As an example if your first layer is black and you print one thin red layer on top, the color will appear as a dark red (blend between black and red), the more layers of red you lay down, the closer the color will match the filament red.
If you print part of the model will a few layers and other parts with more layers, it starts to paint an image: this is Filament Painting.

HueForge is a software created by Steve which will convert an image to an STL file for Filament Painting. HueForge lets the user paint the image using a few parameters such as colors, print thickness and more. The software will use the Transmission Distance of the filament to preview your painting output once printed. Once the user is satisfied with the result, it will automatically create the STL file and write the instruction for the slicer (such as the color change layers).

Tutorial from Steve (HueForge founder): Video

The Transmission Distance is the amount (in millimeter) of material required to significantly dim the light to a point where more thickness will not notably stop more light.
As an example: For PolyLite PLA Azure Blue, it requires a 3.5mm thick wall to prevent most of the light to pass through.
TD is NOT the thickness require to completely stop the light. It is not an exact science however it represent the thickness require to dim the light enough that even if more thickness is added the light will not dim much more.
HueForge uses the transmission distance of the filament to calculate the print preview. It is important to generate the resulting color when blending colors together.

Explanation from Steve (HueForge founder): Video

The short answer is NO, Filament Painting can be done with any 3D printer. However you will have to manually change the filament in between color changes.

HueForge generated STL requires n-1 color change, n being the number of colors on your painting.
As an example the Photo Color Set model only required 3 filament swap. (The printer will pause at 3 different layer height for the user to change the color, and resume printing).
Multi Color 3D Printer Accessories such as the Prusa MMU or the Bambu Lab AMS will allow the users to automatically change the filament when required.

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